Xsd2code is available under a dual licensing whereby use of Xsd2code in projects that are licensed so as to be compatible with MIT may use Xsd2code under the terms of that license. However, if MIT terms are incompatible with your planned use of Xsd2code, alternative commercial license terms are available from xsd2code++ Pascal CABANEL. The commercial version of xsd2code++ offers also new features.

Why Dual Licensing?

Dual licensing is the most equitable licensing scheme, since it provides open source terms for those who are developing open source software, while also making it possible to provide proprietary terms for those who are developing proprietary software. Dual Licensing allows to respond of needs to the different segments of the xsd2code customers.

Which License Should I Choose?

If your software is licensed under a recognized open source license that is compatible with MIT, then you can use xsd2code under its open source license terms without further consideration.

However, if your software is not licensed under an open source compatible license, but rather is available under a proprietary license, then you can choose to use xsd2code++ with the commercial license.

No Royalties

You pay for the commercial licence only. The generated code by xsd2code is royalty free.

Hi There! I'm Pascal Cabanel, creator of xsd2code on codeplex and xsd2code++.

In my line of work, I have frequently exchanged data through norms based on structured schemas, especially in the medical field. The first time I wanted to transform an XSD schema into a class model, I was confronted to several limits of the existing tools. This is how xsd2code was born. My passion for development led me to create a new tool to improve my productivity. 

Initially this tool was a hobby developed over my weekends to help me and my colleagues, but it soon became a real project which as soon as it was available on the codeplex in July 2007 became a real and unexpected success.

Feedbacks and contributions from users motivated me to pursue and continuously improve it. Since 2014, xsd2code is available in double license. Its launch on the market is the final outcome for this tool to reach optimum quality of the generated code. I hope it will help you and exceed your expectations.


xsd2code - Pascal CABANEL is an auto-entreprise located in the south of France founded by Pascal CABANEL.

Headquarters : 

xsd2code - Pascal CABANEL
29, rue mas du général
34140 Bouzigues

SIRET (French business registration number) : 79891962700017 

VAT Number : FR 55798919627

xsd2code and the xsd2code logo are trademarks of Pascal CABANEL