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Visual Studio 2022 extension

15-Days trial

Professional JSON and XML Binding Visual Studio 2022 Extension with no coding

15-Days trial

Create your mapping classes from scratch without writing one line of code!

xsd2code introduction
  • Full integration in Visual Studio 2017, 2019, 2022
  • Command-Lines tool
  • C# / VB .Net class generator from XML & JSON Schemas
  • Intuitive user interface
  • 100% .Net Native code
  • Support of NetCore 6, .Net Framework
  • Support complex XML and JSON standards
  • Read, Parse, Write XML and JSON
  • Unrivalled support for complex standards, HL7, FHIR, CDA, UBL
  • Conversion tool, JSON to JSON Schema, XML to XML Schema
  • Royalty-Free Distribution

Frameworks supported

Framework 2.0 to 4.8, Net 5.0, .Net Standard, Xamarin

Visual Studio 2022

 (Pro, Ent, community) 2022, 2019, 2017 &  command line

Supported languages

100% native .Net C#, VB

xsd2code developers

XML & JSON serialization

Generates XML and JSON transformation methods


Convert JSON to JSON Schema and XML to XML Schema


Live code update

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15 Days Free Trial With 100% Features !

Version : 6.0, Size : 10 Mb

XML & JSON Data Binder To .Net Code.

The tool creates an optimized code from your XSD or JSON schema. Directly integrated into Visual Studio or with a command-line program. The code is generated is clean and clear. It contains strongly typed classes, properties, collections and enumerations. Helpful for produce XML/JSON or creating API, POCOs, WCF contract interface, and all kinds of uses.

CSharp or VB Code from set of schemas

The XML Objects generator of xsd2code++ is integrated into Visual Studio. Simply add a .xsd file or .JSON schema file to your C# or VB project then right-click and select "Run xsd2code++". Simple and powerful!

Support complex XML & JSON standards

100% Native CSharp & VB code

xsd2code visual studio addin

XML & JSON Serialization

Generated classes let you read and write XML or JSON files in complete correspondence with your schemas. Many parameters allow you to change the classes, properties, and the injection of attributes to adjust the serialization process.

XML, JSON, BSON, BINARY, MsgPack Serialization 

xsd2code serialization

Intuitive User Interface

Full Visual Studio integration 

Produce code in a few clicks

PropertyGrid settings interface

.json .xsd to code from Solution Explorer

xsd2code user interface

Command-Line Tools

xsd2code++ can also be used with the command-line tool for batch conversion needs. For example in case of a large volume of schemas to convert.

Batch conversion with command-lines

On pre-build event

On build server

xsd2code console


Using the CustomTool allows you to (re)generate the code as soon as the schema is changed in your project.

Updating the code when the schema changes

xsd2code customtool

Converting schemas

From Visual Studio, it is possible to directly convert an XML schema to a JSON schema and vice versa.

XSD to JSON schema

JSON to XSD schema

XML data to XSD schema

json to json schema

xsd2code converter


The settings are saved in the header of the file generated file. You can, therefore, reopen the configuration screen at any time to change what you need. So once you have created source code you can go back to the settings anytime.

The parameters are attached to the source file, so they are available to all the developers in a team. This makes it possible to work with or without xsd2code++.

xsd2code header settings

Community Edition

Xsd2code++ community edition is a great way to get started. This edition supports a single schema and does not have all features but you will be able to use it in nany ways. Understanding how XML or JSON data binding works and how that can help you. At any time you can switch from the community edition to the full version with several license models are available. Time-limited License or perpetual fallback license.

Royalty-Free Distribution

You pay for the development licenses only. The code generated can be distributed royalty-free as part of your product.

100% Native code

The complexity of producing well constructed, reliable class libraries from XML or JSON schema can challenge any project's timeline. Xsd2code++ tool substantially streamlines and simplifies a project's development and maintenance time. The generated code is 100% native and compatible with the DotNet Framework or .Net Core. No external libraries required.

xsd2code full screen
xsd2code settings

Class settings

  • C# or VB classes
  • Partial classes
  • Strong typed collections
  • Automatic properties
  • LazyLoading properties
  • Serialisation & Deserialization methods
  • Databinding
  • Naming style
  • DataAnnotation attributes
  • WCF attributes
  • XML & JSON attributes
  • Single file or one file per class
  • XML summary comment from annotations or JSON documentation

XML settings

  • XSD 1.0
  • Support complex XML standards
  • XML Serialization
  • Encoding UTF8, ASCII
  • Formatting
  • XML minifier
  • Convert XML to Schema

JSON settings

  • JSON Schema Draft 7.0
  • Encoding UTF8, ASCII
  • Formatting
  • Date, time, float format handling
  • Missing and null value handedling
  • Convert JSON data to Schema

Why you need it ?


Support for the most complex XML and JSON standards 

100% compliant

Classes match 100% to the expected XML or JSON structure.

Custom Code

fit your coding style & standards with more than 50 settings.

Save times

Stay focused on the hight value code.

Easy of use

Intelligent and easy integration with visual studio.


Online documentation for a quick start.


Benefit from regular updates for minor evolutions and fixes.


You have questions, the support is there.

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Discover how XSD2Code++ can cut your development time!

Version : 6.0, Size : 10 Mb