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CodeNGine Technologies is software company based in the South of France that provides an advanced productivity tool to developers using XML and JSON to exchange or store data xsd2code++. Founded in 2019. xsd2code++ solution is an extension of Visual Studio that is used by thousands of worldwide companies. Mainly in the United States and Europe. The product is based on Microsoft® .Net technology and provides seamless and intuitive integration with the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 - 2019.

    pascal cabanel

    Pascal Cabanel

    VP Dev & <Founder of xsd2code/>



    I There ! I'm Pascal Cabanel, founder and main developer of xsd2code++. In my line of work, I have frequently exchanged data through norms based on structured schemas, especially in the medical field. The first time I wanted to transform an XSD schema into a class model, I was confronted to several limits of the existing tools. This is how xsd2code was born. My passion for development led me to create a new tool to improve my productivity.

    Since the first lines of code, many things have happened. Such as the commercialization of the software in 2014 which allows to ensure its evolution, its maintenance as well as its support.

    Now 2021 is in front of us with still many evolutions in progress in this product and always in the same mind of providing developers a powerful software allowing them to accelerate their development.

    If you would like to get in touch to discuss the product or any other development opportunities you can contact me directly on linkedin.