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How to : Conversion

July 2021

The main feature of xsd2code is the ability to generate code based on various data files or schemas, but this tool can do a lot more than that.
In this short "how-to" guide we will go over the built-in conversion tool.
This system lets you convert your data and/or schema files from diverse formats into different various formats, for example : 

  • JSon data file to JSon schema
  • Xml data file to XSD schema
  • XSD schema to JSon schema
  • JSon schema to XSD schema
Tooltip that appears when you rightclick on the Json schema while Xsd2Code is installed

This setting can be accessed by right clicking whichever file you wish to convert, then, in the menu, you will find the usual xsd2code++ option, hovering over it reveals the various conversion options depending on your file.

Image showing the loading process bar for the conversion

Here's what the process looks like, firstly it'll go thourgh a short conversion process, the process of which is shown by the small seen above. As soon as the conversion is finished your converted file will open.

Here's an example of a JSon schema being turned into an XSD schema :

Go ahead and try this function on your own files.