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CodeNGine Technologies is software company based in the South of France that provides an advanced productivity tool to developers using XML and JSON to exchange or store data xsd2code++. Founded in 2014. xsd2code++ solution is an extension of Visual Studio that is used by thousands of worldwide companies. Mainly in the United States and Europe. The product is based on Microsoft® .Net technology and provides seamless and intuitive integration with the Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 - 2019.



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Pascal Cabanel

Hi There ! I'm Pascal Cabanel, founder of xsd2code++. In my line of work, I have frequently exchanged data through norms based on structured schemas, especially in the medical field. The first time I wanted to transform an XSD schema into a class model, I was confronted to several limits of the existing tools. This is how xsd2code was born. My passion for development led me to create a new tool to improve my productivity.

xsd2code is available in double license. Its launch on the market was a new step in 2014 for this software to reach optimum quality of the generated code. I hope it will help you and exceed your expectations.




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