Advanced Code Generator from XML, XSD & JSON Schema.

xsd2code++ creates optimized code from your XML or JSON schema. Directly integrated into Visual Studio or with a command line program, your code is generated very intuitively.The generated code library contains strongly typed classes, properties, collections, and enumerations for creating API, POCOs, WCF contract interface, and all kinds of uses. Generated classes let you read and write XML or JSON files in complete correspondence with your schemas. Code generation significantly reduces development time and allows you to focus on writing business logic.

The code generator includes many parameters that allow you to change the class, property, and variable names that appear in the generated source code. But also to define the name of the methods of serialization / deserrialization. As well as the encoding options

This video shows in more detail how xsd2code ++ works into your development environment.

Main features

  • Reduces development time.
  • 100% integrated with your development tool and your solution.
  • Json to c# VB / xml to c# VB / JSon Schema to c# VB / XSD to c# VB
  • 1-click to generate your classes or update them.
  • Generates native C# or VB classes (2.0, 4.6x, Net Standard, Net Core) from XML schemas.
  • Support for Xamarin Framework Forms, iOs, Android
  • Support of strong typed collections  (List<T>, ObservableCollection<T>, MyCustomCollection<T>).
  • Support of automatic properties.
  • Generates the code for reading and writing XML files (Serialization XML, Binary, JSON, MsgPack).
  • Supports XML encoding (UTF-8/32, ASCII, Unicode and custom encoding).
  • Generates the change notification code for the "Databinding" (WPF, Xamarin).
  • Generates attributes for WCF (DataMember attribute)
  • Name of classes in Camel case or Pascal Case.
  • Transposes XSD schema restrictions to attribute on class properties (Pattern / RegEx, StringLength etc.).
  • Supports complex schemas with inclusion and import of external schemas.


And more,

  • Many options to design the best generated code (more than 40 settings that persist).
  • Transform annotations of the XSD schema into documentation in the code (XML Summary).
  • Lazy Loading pattern.
  • Supports partial classes and allows all classes to be generated in a single file or file per class.

Transform your schema into classes


Just select your schema directly from your solution. The context menu allows to transform your XSD or JSON schema into classes


xsd2code ++ has a large choice of options. You can select differents configurations, the code preview is done in real time

screenshot of dark style view of xsd2code

screenshot of customtool of xsd2code

Real time code update

In the schema properties, you can set the automatic code update when your schema is updated. Just save your XSD schema so that the code is updated without any intervention on your part.