How do I report a problem ?

If something's not working with xsd2code++, or you think there's a bug, you can report it to us.

  • Make sure you are using a recent version, and that the problem still shows up in a recent version.
  • Make sure you can reproduce the bug.
  • Please write a clear summary.
  • Please, precise steps to reproduce with maximum of details.
  • Please send the command showing the error.
  • Is possible,
    • Send your xsd file as attachement.
    • Send generated code.
    • Input XML file if you have a serilization/deserialization issue.

If your question remains unanswered after two weeks, repost it, making sure you gave all the detail needed and the information requested. You can also contact for more information.

When ready, use the buton  "PROVIDE FEEDBACK & ISSUE COLLECTOR".

Thank you for taking the time to report bug.