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Miscellaneous settings

Firstly the miscellaneous settings can be found in the Output advanced code settings, under the miscellaneous tab, like so :

Image showing how to access the miscellaneous settings


Cache External Schemas

By enabling this setting you will cache your schemas externally, gaining performance in the process. More explicitly it downloads the referenced objects in a cache folder that can be found here : \AppData\Roaming\xsd2code\cache

Cleanup Code

By enabling this setting, Xsd2code will clean up the code for you, it does so by, for example :

  • Reducing namespaces
  • Reducing attribute names
  • Useage of var
  • Arraging the "this" qualifier

For example here is a section of code, and its cleaned up version

Image showing the dirty, non-optimal code Becomes shows how to enable cleaning of generated code in xsd2code

With the unnecessary characters removed the code is now more efficient.

Enable Debug

By enabling this setting you will not generate a debug attribute into you generated class, this setting indicates wether or not a generate attribute is present in the code. If enabled, the debugger will not step through, and the code will be missing this line :

Image showing the line of code that makes the Debugger step over a section

Enable Summary Comment

By enabling this setting you will import from your xsd file the annotation sections into the xml code documentation, in a summary tag, like so :

Image showing the annotation in xml


Image showing the same XML in the generated class

Enable Warning

By enabling this setting your generated code will contain compilation warnings. When enable the code disabling the warning in the first couple of lines in the class will dissapear.

Image showing the line of code that disables the warnings

Hide Private IntelliSense

By enabling this setting your generated code will make sure that your private fields will never be browsable from within the visual studio editor. With this setting enabled your code will look like this :

Image showing the line of code that disables the intellisense for a certain section

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