Checkout What's New In Xsd2code++ Product Including Features And Fixes - Major (8, 2022)

This major release brings Visual Studio 2022 64Bits support and improvements & fixes. This major release is only compatible with a V6 license.

New : VisualStudioVisual Studio 2022 support
New : VisualStudioNET6 support
New : VisualStudioFramework 4.8 support
New : JSONInjects JSON attributes automatically
New : XSDInjects XML attributes automatically
New : CodeNew restriction attributes MaxDigitsAttribute / DecimalPrecisionAttribute
New : SerializationMulti format serialization support (Json, Xml, Bson, MessagePack)
Fix : CodeFixes invalid type generated in XML attributes if the class prefix option is enabled with automatic properties
Fix : CodeRemove Silverlight that is no longer supported
Fix : SerializationMessagePack show the object as key / values pairs (SerializationMethod.Map)
Fix : CodeSummary comments not working for XSD:ALL/CHOICE
Fix : SerializationExpand Object Item property to strong typed properties
Fix : XSDImproves performance on large schemas
Fix : CodeMissing C# types for JSON schema converted from XSD that was create by xsd2code++
New : JSONAllow to remove default XML Namespace & Schema Declarations xmlns:xsi xml:xsd
New : UXFind & Search feature in the xsd2code code editor.
Fix : VisualStudioinstallation fix in Visual Studio 2017.
New : JSONReferences to external JSON schemas are now taken into account.
Fix : CommandLineMissing command line switch for ExpandObjectItem property.
Fix : SerializationPascalCase Properties cause uncomplete deserialization on properties with XmlArrayItemAttribute
Fix : XSDOptional attributes (PropertyNameSpecified/Default) compatibility from version 5 to 6.
DOWNLOADRelease notes - Update (10, 2023)

This minor release brings fixes on code C# generation.

New : CodeNew DataAnnotations StringLengthListAttribute to support List of string
Fix : CommandLineInvalid parameter value “InitializeField=” stored in generated .cs
Fix : CommandLineOn large Schemas, EnableSummaryComment doesn’t import ALL <annotation> present in XSD file
Fix : CommandLineMissing command line switch for some DataAnnotationsAttribute properties
Fix : CodeRequiredAttribute is now applied for <xs:attribute use="required">
Fix : CodeInvalid generation of primitive DataAnnotations when List<string>
Fix : CommandLineTargetFramework=NetCore parameter not saved in generated .cs file
Fix : CodeInvalid generation of primitive DataAnnotations when List<string>
Fix : CommandLine/classinfilesdir parameter is not working with relative path
Fix : CommandLineNo command line parameter to directly use a configuration file as is xsd2code.config
Fix : CodeSome settings are not set after reopening the plugin view when using xsd2code.config
Fix : CodeFix Stackoverflow exception
Fix : CommandLineAdd /sspCollection switch for ShouldSerialize.IgnoreEmptyCollection
Fix : CommandLineAdd /sspComplexType switch for ShouldSerialize.IgnoreEmptyComplexType
Fix : CommandLineAdd /sspEnumType switch for ShouldSerialize.IgnoreEmptyEnumType
Fix : CommandLineAdd /sspNullable switch for ShouldSerialize.IgnoreEmptyNullable
Fix : CommandLineAdd /sspSimpleType switch for ShouldSerialize.IgnoreEmptySimpleType
Fix : CommandLineAdd /sspEmptyString switch for ShouldSerialize.IgnoreEmptyString
Fix : CommandLineAdd /schemalocation switch, which associates an XML Schema document with a target namespace
Fix : CommandLineintroduces the /schemalocationonclassname parameter, allowing users to specify the target class for adding the xsi:schemaLocation
Fix : CodeEnhance [RangeAttribute] handling for different types and single limit scenarios
Fix : CodeConsolidate multiple [RegularExpression] attributes when multiple <xs:pattern> elements are present in the same <xs:restriction>
Fix : CommandLineMissing command line switch related to DataAnnotationAttribute > RequiredAttributeByDefault
Fix : CommandLineFix how the presence of minOccurs and maxOccurs affects the [Required] attribute behavior in generated code
DOWNLOAD - Update (1, 2022)

This minor update brings fixes and security.

Fix : CodeMissing C# types for JSON schema converted from XSD that was create by xsd2code++
Fix : VisualStudioUpdating the CodeSigning certificate for the xsd2code.exe setup and the VSIX package
DOWNLOAD - Update (2, 2021)

This minor update brings fixes and improvements notably at the level of validation attributes.

New : CodePropertyNameSpecified properties are now decorated with JSON attributes
Fix : XSDUnconvertable XSDs due to a circular schema inclusion causing an infinite loop
Fix : XSDNested group expansion (NestedAttributeGroup) was not working any more
Fix : BSONFixes a compilation failure on BSON serialization methods for VB code
Fix : SerializationFixes a enum serialization issue that was assigned as an array type rather than a single value
Fix : SerializationSerialization failure. XmlText attribute that should not returns an array has been removed from generated code
Fix : CodeGenerate [Required] attribute on properties where minoccurs is greater than zero
Fix : BSONDoes not recover restrictions on complextype with Derivative types
Fix : BSONPropertyNameSpecified properties are now decorated with JSON attributes
DOWNLOAD - Update (6, 2020)

This minor version brings fixes and stabilization mainly at the level of JSON schema processing.

New : JSONSupport composite JSON Schemas
New : JSONAllows to use the most useful parameters for JSON/BSON serialization. Such as : DateFormatHandedling, DateFormatString...
New : JSONAllow to convert JSON file to JSON Schema
New : JSONDisplays conversion errors during XSD > JSON transformation
New : XSDAllow to Specify a schemaLocation for the XML file output
New : XSDCan Specify XNLS for the XML file output
New : CodeSupport HashSet collection
New : CodeSaves the code generation parameters in JSON format in the header of the generated file
New : CSharpOption not to overwrite .cs or .vb source files if they are read only. This option is only available on the command line. /kro (KeepReadOnly)
Fix : JSONNumber type are ignored and not generated in code
Fix : JSONAllows to parse JSON schemas imported from an external file
Fix : JSONAllows to parse JSON schemas imported from an external URL
Fix : JSONJSON to XSD conversion should not generate nimoccurs/maxoccurs on root element
Fix : JSONJSON to JSON Schema can't be cancelled on very large file
Fix : JSONGenerate nullable if json type as composite type with null Like type : ["integer", "null"]
DOWNLOAD - Major (3, 2019)

This major release is only compatible with a V5 license. It brings Visual Studio 2019 support as well as support for JSON Draft 4 schemas.

New : VisualStudioVisual Studio 2019 support
New : VisualStudioVisual Studio 2019 Community edition
New : JSONJSON Schema support
New : JSONXSD to JSON Converter
New : JSONJSON to XSD Converter
DOWNLOAD - Update release (5, 2017)

This update release is only compatible with a V4 license. It brings Visual Studio 2017and fixes.

New : VisualStudioVisual Studio 2017 Enterprise & Professional support
New : UXVisual Studio theme support (Blue, Dark)
New : SerializationAllow to generate XML Serialization Event (UnknownNode, UnknownElement, UnknownAttribute)
New : SerializationMsgPack 0.8 support
New : SerializationNewLineOnAttributes option. When true, each attribute is pre-pended with a new line and one extra level of indentation
New : SerializationOmitXmlDeclaration allow to remove xml declaration on xml header file
New : CodeImprove CleanupCode
New : UXxsd2code gui not appear if xml header removed (in *.designer.cs file)
New : CodeAdd Region to private fields
New : SerializationLet define the indent character number when EnableXMLIndent is enabled
Fix : CodeCritical error - No C# Code Generated
Fix : CodeAdd restrictions on Enumerable properties
Fix : CodeCompilation error with field named System
Fix : CodeIn case of ValidatePropertyInSetter= true, Validation of an object of type enum is failing
Fix : Code#endregion not generated properly when option AutomaticProperties is on
Fix : SerializationSaveToFile with bad encoding parameter
Fix : CodeSupport Array of Array in case of unbounded element of unbounded element
Fix : Code#endregion without #region tags with AutomaticProperty + Serialization enabled
Fix : XSDError 403 with https import schema
DOWNLOADRelease notes - Update release (5, 2016)

New : CommandLineBest partice about PropertyNameSpecified
New : CodeCode cleanup improvments
New : UXAllow set up a default options template
New : SerializationAdd new setting IgnoreEmptyEnumType for ShoudSerialize Method
Fix : CodeBad code in PropertyChanged in the property setter with enum name equals
Fix : CommandLineRenamed property with PascalCaseName are not exlude if ExcludeImportedTypes=true /ssp- flag
Fix : CSharpCritical error - No C# Code Generated
Fix : CommandLineCommand Line Issues and cmd line option for Code Cleanup
Fix : XSDCDATA not supported if the schema contains specific namespace
Fix : CodeIn some case and if PascalCaseProperty enabled, the generated code contains duplicate class
Fix : CodeSummary comment improvment
Fix : VBCompilation faild with RangeAttribute and DiteTime type
Fix : VBSupport of Disable/Enable compilation Warning for VB project
Fix : VBSymplify and compact code in setter
Fix : VBIllegal <> characters in ShouldSerialize method in generated code
Fix : VBCompilation error with ShouldSerializeProperty Method with type XmlElement
Fix : VBGenerate in separate files create a bad Namespace and compilation error
Fix : VBIs operator on type 'UShort' cause compilation error