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Xsd2Code++ Release Notes Version 6

We’re proud to introduce you to Xsd2code++ version 6, now fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio 2022!

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Welcome to Xsd2code++ version 6, this release is the result of months of work. It was very important for us to provide you Visual Studio 2022 handling as quickly as possible and this is what we've done! This version does not only bring an awesome 64-bit handling but also improves the installation process and its efficiency. You can now dive into this release note and found out which incredible features have been added!

Visual Studio 2022 64-bit support

What does it mean for Xsd2Code++ ?

It means that Xsd2Code is now fully compatible with Community,Professional and Enterprise, version of Visual Studio 2022 in a 64-bit version, improving installation process and efficiency of our solution.
It also implies that Xsd2Code is entirely compatible with the brand new .NET 6 framework!

Visual studio 64-bit, what does it change ?

Before, Viusal studio which was a 32-bit process was using only 4 GB of memory. It means than even with the most powerful computer of the planet, memory was a precious resource in largest solutions seriously impacting the throughput. 
From now you can run the biggest and most complex solutions and not be restricted, but only if your development machine can handle it!

Xsd2code overview

Serialize to multiple format

From now you can serialize or deserialize in Bson, Json, MSPack and XMl. If nothing is specified to SaveToFile or LoadFromFile method, default serializer will be chosen.

Multiformat serialization

Only root class serialization

You can now choose to generate serialization method only in root class. In many situation you don't necessary need to serialize from anoter class.

Selection menuscope serialization

New restriction attributes

Support restrictions and validation for max digits number and precision for decimal value (MaxDigitsAttribute / FractionDigitsAttribute). It allows you to control the number of digits of a number. MaxDigitsAttribute limits digits of the integer part and FractionDigitsAttribute of the decimal part.

XML Namespace

Allow to remove default XML Namespace & Schema Declarations xmlns:xsi xml:xsd.

Code Editor

Find & Search feature in the xsd2code code editor.

JSon Schema parser

References to external JSON schemas are now taken into account.

Missing command

Missing command line switch for ExpandObjectItem property.

PascalCase settings

PascalCase Proporties cause uncomplete deserialization on properties with XmlArrayItemAttribute.

Compatibility V5/V6

Optional attributes (PropertyNameSpecified/Default) compatibility from version 5 to 6.


Installation fix for Visual Studio 2017.

JSON Default Value

Set a JSON default value for JSON element or attribute.
Learn more.

XML attributes type

Invalid types was generated in XML attributes if the class prefix option was enabled with automatic properties.

MessagePack Serializer

Enable map option on MessagePack serializer.

Summary comments

Summary comments wasn't working for xsd:all tag.