XSD2Code++ Software support

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Mail to support

If you have a license or a trial period, email support is available at support@xsd2code.com.

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Report a issue

If you have a license, please create a Support Ticket to receive priority support directly from the XSD2Code Team.

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Stack Overflow

Our support team are active members of Stack Overflow, a community of 6.7 million programmers. When you ask a question, please use the tag: xsd2code.

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XSD2Code documentation

The documentation aims to provide comprehensive information about XSD2Code features and usage scenarios. If you haven't found the answer to your question in this documentation, you can let us know at support@xsd2code.com.

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    How Do I Report A Problem To The Support ?

    If something's not working with xsd2code++, or you think there's a bug, you can report it to us.

    • Make sure you are using a recent version, and that the problem still shows up in a recent version.
    • Make sure you can reproduce the bug.
    • Please write a clear summary.
    • Detail steps to reproduce with maximum of details.
    • If possible,
      • Send your input files as attachement (json, xsd).
      • Send generated code.
      • Input XML file if you have a serilization/deserialization issue.
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    General Requirements

    • Operating System: Windows 11, Windows 10.
    • Disk space : 10 Mb.
    • XSD2Code 6.x : Visual Studio: 2022, 2019, 2017.
    • XSD2Code 5.x : Visual Studio: 2019, 2017.
    • XSD2Code 4.x : Visual Studio: 2017, 2013, 2010.

    Download And Installation Instructions

    If you have more developers in your group that would like to test the software, you only need to download it once. The self-contained Installer for xsd2code++ can be distributed on an enterprise LAN by placing it on a file server. As such, it can also be used to install xsd2code++ on a computer that is not connected to the Internet.

    To install xsd2code++ Plugin for Visual Studio, you need to do the following :

    • Exit all running Visual Studio instances.
    • Download xsd2code++.
    • After download run the self-installing exe file.
    • During the installation, you will be prompted which versions of Visual Studio to install xsd2code++. Choose appropriate versions and proceed with installation.

    After installation, to unlock the software and begin your trial, simply request a free evaluation key from the visual studio menu TOOLS | xsd2code About | Get Trial license. Our license server will immediately email you a FREE 15-day trial license key file that unlocks the software with all features fully enabled (no limitations).

    Report From Log File

    To find or view the log files that are generated by xsd2code++, you must locate the folder that is used to store these files. To find the folder and location for a log file, follow these steps :

    • Open Windows explorer.
    • Navigate to : %appdata%\xsd2code.
    • Open the file xsd2code_addin.log.