Checkout what's new in xsd2code++ product including features and fixes.

Update 5.2 (July, 2020)


Full release notes

New features

  • New : Support composite JSON Schemas
  • New : Support of BSON serialization
  • New : JSON - Allows to use the most useful parameters for JSON/BSON serialization. Such as : DateFormatHandedling, DateFormatString...
  • New : JSON - Allow to convert JSON file to JSON Schema
  • New : JSON - Displays conversion errors during XSD > JSON transformation
  • New : XML - Allow to Specify a "schemaLocation" for the XML file output
  • New : XML - Can Specify XNLS for the XML file output
  • New : Support HashSet collection
  • New : Saves the code generation parameters in JSON format in the header of the generated file.
  • New : Option not to overwrite .cs or .vb source files if they are read only. This option is only available on the command line. /kro (KeepReadOnly)

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix : JSON number type are ignored and not generated in code
  • Fix : JSON Allows to parse JSON schemas imported from an external file
  • Fix : JSON Allows to parse JSON schemas imported from an external URL
  • Fix : JSON to XSD conversion should not generate nimoccurs/maxoccurs on root element
  • Fix : JSON to JSON Schema can't be cancelled on very large file
  • Fix : Generate nullable if json type as composite type with null Like "type": ["integer", "null"]


Major release 5.0 (April, 2019).

New features


  • New : Visual Studio 2019 support
  • New : Visual Studio 2019 Community edition
  • New : Convert xsd to json
  • New : Convert json to xsd
  • New : Generate code from json schema
  • New : Generate code from json schema

This video shows in more detail how xsd2code ++ handle JSON schemas.

Update 4.4 (June 05, 2017)

Full Release notes

New features

  • New : Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise & Professional support
  • New : Visual Studio theme support (Blue, Dark)
  • New : Allow to generate XML Serialization Event (UnknownNode, UnknownElement, UnknownAttribute)
  • New : MsgPack 0.8 support
  • New : NewLineOnAttributes option. When true, each attribute is pre-pended with a new line and one extra level of indentation
  • New : OmitXmlDeclaration allow to remove xml declaration on xml header file
  • New : Improve CleanupCode
  • New : xsd2code gui not appear if xml header removed (in *.designer.cs file)
  • New : Add Region to private fields
  • New : Let define the indent character when EnableXMLIndent is enabled


Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix : Critical error - No C# Code Generated
  • Fix : Add restrictions on Enumerable properties
  • Fix : Issue with field named System
  • Fix : In case of ValidatePropertyInSetter= true, Validation of an object of type enum is failing
  • Fix : #endregion not generated properly when option AutomaticProperties is on
  • Fix : SaveToFile with bad encoding parameter
  • Fix : Support Array of Array in case of unbounded element of unbounded element
  • Fix : Error: #endregion without #region tags with AutomaticProperty + Serialization enabled
  • Fix : Error 403 with https import schema